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We are now providing a Legionella risk assessment to all home-owners and landlords. Landlords now have a legal responsibility to carry out this inspection for the safety of their tenants.


Prices start from £65.00 inc VAT, you will be provided with a full certificate and also a basic diagram of the property. A full leaflet will also be provided with all the relevant information about legionnaires disease and how to prevent it.

A bit about legionnaires disease:

This is a water Bourne disease that is commonly found in natural waters such as lakes and rivers but it can also be found in the home in hot/cold water systems and spa pools.


Legionnaires is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia and everyone is susceptible form catching it. The risk increases with age but more risk factors are:

  • Over 45's

  • Chronic Lung and Kidney Disease 

  • Diabetes, Heart & Lung Disease

Legionella Risk Assessments

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You can contract this disease by inhaling water droplets suspended in the air containing bacteria, certain conditions increase the risk:


  • Water which is stored between 20-45C which is susceptible to bacteria growth

  • Water which is stored/Re circulated

  • Redundant pipework

  • Lack of maintenance/cleaning of showers.

By having the risk assessment we can evaluate weather you have a high or low risk property and will advise you of what can be done to prevent this.

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